Our Minecraft Ministry seeks to provide a safe environment for Christians to enjoy fellowship during a gaming experience. We hold church services through the gaming environment on Sundays to allow those who cannot attend their own church the opportunity to fellowship and worship through a live feed in the gaming environment. The services and the gaming environment are administered by an Ordained Elder and Practicing Preacher who has finished the rigorous training through a credentialed Seminary. The onsite Minister is Michael McMullen, He received his Masters of Divinity (Theta Phi) with a 3.93 at Asbury Seminary in Wilmore Kentucky. Scroll to the bottom for the application to the gaming environment. The website for our Minecraft Server is www.fullyawakened.enjin.com.

The gaming environment is shielded from grieving, cursing, trolls and all the other nuisances that seem to plague servers in today's gaming experience. We realize that many of the Gamers are youth and we extend the opportunity for seeking Christians that have questions to explore those questions through the site. If the questions are too involved or are too mature for the site we will counsel the user through a private channel to shield younger users from the conversation. It is important to remember that we are the family of God and this is an opportunity to feel more included in that family.

Ministries of course cost money, the Minecraft server cost about $85 a month to operate. If you believe that we are providing a good service for the community, a way to help is to provide donations. We are also looking to increase our infrastructure to include a local server. This server will cost in excess of $3000. We would also like to have six on-site desktop I7 computers to facilitate gameplay at the local church. These are all ways to help the ministry and your donations are tax deductable.


"My prayers go with you my brothers and sisters in the faith. May the peace of Christ cover you. Amen!"

Below are some pictures of our server, Come enjoy the experience. Full Map

Please, remember you must fill out the application before you recieve the ip address that will allow you to connect to our server. The application follows:

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