Hello, my name is Michael McMullen, M. Div. Our Ministry is a 501c(3) church, federal identification number# 46-2466880, established as a support entity for the Holiness Movement ie. Wesleyan, Nazarene and Free Methodist. Texas exemption tax identification# 32-050728487. Fully Awakened Ministries has partnered with Dr. David Durst on his effective evangelical program and is a web based facilitator of the program.

While attending Asbury Theological Seminary, I met David Durst, Ph.D. He is the pastor of New Life Community in Lexington, Kentucky. He has become a dear friend and his passion to seek the lost has quickened my spirit. My desire is to find common conversation in the holiness community, where we can stand united in seeking the lost. One of the dangers of self-preservation is isolation, a contrary plight to the Great Commission and Commandment of Christ. I hope to reinvigorate the 19th century passion of the holiness movement by creating new tangible witnessing tools for the church. I hope to offer services to the church that are often difficult because of budget constraints and the later times we reside in.


"If you have chosen the race, race to win the crown. Race with me now as we strive to seek restoration to lost souls desperately needing an authentic relationship with Christ."

Our latest project with 5worlds.org “Could God Be for Me?” is a way of connecting the desires of the human spirit to God’s ability to infuse people with life and purpose. It invites people to identify their own spiritual world with its primary dilemma. We naturally carry the feel of the fugitive (needing relief from guilt), the faint (longing for significance), the foreigner (missing intimacy), the fighter (craving to correct things), or the flattened (weighed down by personal and world troubles).

It also explores how a relationship with Jesus Christ can turn a dilemma into a destiny. Fugitives find forgiveness. The faint discover fulfillment. The foreigner experiences family. The fighter receives fearlessness. And, the flattened gains fortitude.